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From the benign to the revolutionary, a bold and powerful discussion about "divorce" in the United States of America.


Liberal vs. Conservative
Red vs. Blue
Is the United States on the brink of divorce, or can the marriage be saved?

Hot Topics

  • Is the United States facing a societal “divorce”?

  • Can a revitalized pro-America, pro-worker, pro-business, and anti-swamp Republican Party have the power to break today’s democratic paralysis?

  • What possible mass-movement role does an ex-president Trump have in our divorce discussion?

  • Should both Republicans and Democrats demand a constitutional convention that outlines the pros and cons of a Brexit-like, geographical breakup--to 330 million Americans?

  • Or will both sides continue traveling down an "ugly" divorce path that could ultimately be decided by an undemocratic set of circumstances?

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With impeccable timing, a bold conversation that considers how Blue and Red Americans can move beyond the politics of mutual destruction. 

Released as the nation is reeling from a global pandemic, racial unrest, and a weak U.S. presidency, An American Divorce is a must-read for those Republicans and Democrats who want to move beyond the dysfunctional marriage that we today call the United States of America.

An American Divorce

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