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About the Author: About Me

Author Bio

This anonymous CEO has decided to step beyond the boundaries of political correctness to take on the politics of shaming and public harassment. He attacks today’s radical thought police in unrelenting fashion and argues now is the time for both, Democrats and Republicans, to unite in turning the tables on an intellectual cancer that grew out of academia.


Writing under a pseudonym to ensure his freedom to speak hard truths, the author challenges the one-sided notion the United States of America should only be judged from the context of guilt and privilege.

The pen name JN Welch is used to honor Joseph Welch (1890-1960), the US Army counsel who famously unmasked the early 1950’s Senator Joseph McCarthy. 

"...a provocative mass movement roadmap that seeks to expose and defeat the leftist thought-police who, today, have the fascist power to shape thoughts, speech, and the American identity."

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